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As I began this twisted journey of understanding how to run an election, I learned a great deal about myself. If you act as others, you get lost in the chaos of the politics and, well, yourself. I’m sure there are a great many people out there rubbing their heads and thinking, “What is she doing?” I’m being me, that’s what I’m doing. Stick with me and let me further explain.

I’m running as an Independent. Doing so is not widely embraced in our community. No one recommended me to run as an Independent and would often tell me, “You won’t win.” There’s some truth in that, as the past majority of our population has been registered as a Republican. I’m thrilled that I am running as an Independent because after attending several meetings and community events, I’ve found that it’s me. Also, I’ve found that there are more people out there who think like me.

At this level, I don’t believe the Clerk-Treasurer should be a partisan seat. The elected clerk does the work for all the people in the community. It’s obsoletely a non-biased position that makes decisions from laws and turns community needs into policies in the office. The Clerk-Treasurer is the official who ensures that the laws and regulations are being adhered to with efficiency and integrity.

Why would we convert that into a party affiliation? What benefit comes from electing a person whose base of their credentials is that they are from a major party? Do you want a person to go into the office and their mindset be “What does my party what from me?” or “What does my community need from me?”

Need will trump want any day of the week for me, and the community needs will always be over what a party wants.

It’s no secret that I’m the person who will advocate change when it’s for a positive outcome, even when others may not believe in my vision. Because this is me. I embrace different ideas, people, and new beginnings.

I also believe that Nevada should be an open Primary State. If you are not registered as a Democrat or a Republican, you cannot vote in the Primary Election. So, if there are three Republicans running and you do not vote in the Primary, you don’t get a choice at all if there are no other party candidates running in the General Election. Unless it’s a non-partisan election, which the Clerk-Treasurer is not. We should all be on the same playing field. All people should be able to vote in the Primary.

My statement is I learned this about myself this year. I’ve gained experience and knowledge, and there are some who may ask me tomorrow what I was thinking in writing this, but know this. I will always advocate what I believe to be right. My experience in the workplace is the best for Lyon County, because I know the Clerk-Treasurer position is to represent the people and not the parties.

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